Do you want to make money?

Welcome to Critwit innovative consulting, a local SEO company founded on the idea that my clients want to make money. I founded Critwit after having my own local business and found that I enjoyed promoting the business more than servicing the clients created by the promotion. (mainly bankruptcy and divorce).

In seeking avenues to market my small business on the internet I found a critical lack of creditable vendors. Most of the time this seemed to result from internet marketers seeking to practice outside of their core competency of web design or lacking any apparent core competency. I focus on providing personalized solutions to marketing problems with a fairly detailed description of the steps necessary to achieve those aims as well as selling brandable domain names.

Critwit provides search engine optimization, content writing, and works with specialist vendors to provide a comprehensive, cost effective, and high quality solution to business marketing including social media, pay per click, video marketing and creation, website design. I offer in person meeting for Memphis SEO and Washington DC SEO services and can telephones, goto meeting, or skype with anyone else. Just contact me and I’ll get in touch.