Tax Day Whoopsie Update 2012

Around Monday I noticed that two of my largest on oldest sites appeared to have disappeared from any results above 100. This was concerning but possibly due to some blog network experimentation that the effects had appeared to be wearing off.

I checked around and this was apparently not an isolated phenomenon with warriorforum, traffic planet, and blackhat world all birthing substantial panicky threads on the subject. Indeed there was one blog calling it the death of SEO update with comments of glee from white hatters basking in the validations of finally after years being proved correct. There was also much blaming of Panda and other explanations which honestly no one could point to substantive reasoning though one person had fingered shared hosting account which might have turned out to be fairly closed. The two
affected sites were on shared hosting along with one other site that still had good results.

Late today I checked and my sites had all recovered. There was an intriguing mention on Google webmaster forums someone pointed out that indicated it was some sort of mixup where the gnomes watching the algo took the day off to do their taxes or something. Some of the comments indicated it was shared hosting but I didn’t see a confirmation by the Google employee who apparently wasn’t aware of a major update.

It is possible this was some sort of bad implementation of the upcoming overoptimization “penalty” (I actually didn’t hear it called a penalty). Expect to see more craziness in the coming weeks. Yesterday, I saw the homepage of ezinearticles ranking 6 for “memphis real estate”.

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